Portable X-Ray SY-31-100
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Portable X-Ray SY-31-100

Portable X-ray Unit for Vet Use only SY-31-100P

  • Max tube voltage: 100kVp
  • Max tube current: 30mA
  • Time Range: 0.03-5sec. (23 steps)
  • Tube current and tube voltage are preset to 100kVp at 10mA, 90kVp at 15mA, 80kVp at 20mA, 70kVp at 25mA and 60kVp at 30mA.
  • Power: 50/60Hz 110V
(220 also available)
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Carrying Case: H- 12 5/8" D- 12 1/4" W-12 1/4"
  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Mobile stand sold separately.



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Product Reviews

Excellent product! Highly recommended. We use this extensively in our practice and this has never failed us once in 10 years.
Very satisfied, received grid with snap- on encasment today! Thank you again for all your assistance it was a pleasure working with Soyee.